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Welcome to the world of Ayurveda!

It literally means 'The science of Life'! There are very few questions that Ayurveda does not have answers for.Ayurveda is a 3000 year old holistic science that has been used by so many generations to soothe the symptoms and balance the root cause so they don't ever return. Ayurveda believes every human being is unique and finding your unique elemental make up or your unique imbalances can really empower you to achieve your health goals.Want to know if Ayurveda is the best fit for you?

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Have you ever wondered that there might be something out there that might actually help you get back to your true self?

Are you struggling to find the right fit for your deeper imbalances and every path takes you towards a dead end?

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Uncover your deepest secrets through pulse diagnosis!

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Brought up in a family of holistic physicians and always surrounded by herbs and spices made me fall in love with this traditional science.Ayurveda has been my first love and will always be.The herbs just call out to me, as if this is what I was supposed to do on this planet, this is my Purpose! My passion for Ayurveda grows stronger and stronger each day as I help more and more people be on the path to wellness. Globalizing Ayurveda has been my dream and the greater awareness I create about this ancient wisdom, the closer I get to my dream!

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Patients love Vanashree Ayurveda

Came to see Vanashree due to a burning sensation in my body after taking antibiotics prescribed for flu. Before meeting her, doctors performed all sort of blood tests..did MRIs/scans/ neurological tests.. but they could not really say what caused my burning sensation. Vanshree was able to diagnose me easily via pulse daignosis, put me on herbs and a balanced diet which reduced the burning feeling in my body considerably!...She was very thorough in explaining what was wrong and makes you feel at ease...Wonderful experience !

- Janaka

I can't tell you how immensely grateful I am to have been introduced to Vanashree. In just a short time ( 4 months) my symptoms decreased dramatically and I know longer had the severe digestive issues that I have been experiencing for over 15 years; along with depression, low energy, insomnia, tinnitus, hot/cold flashes, dry skin and fatigue. I can't imagine not using herbs and will continue for taking them life.! Thank you Vanashree you are AMAZING!

- Vanessa

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