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Our Journey
Entwined by Destiny: Uniting to Fulfill a Greater Purpose

       From the moment I set foot on my college campus, the dream of globalizing Ayurveda ignited within me. Amid the demanding years of rigorous education, however, that aspiration gradually faded into the background as the currents of life pulled me forward. Post-graduation, the path ahead seemed clear, with an established clinic awaiting my practice in India. But destiny had other plans, introducing me to Bhushan, a person who would redefine the course of my life.


       An unmistakable feeling surged within me when I met him—an intuition that whispered, "He is the one." Against all apparent reason, I followed this inner voice. Bhushan and I embarked on a journey that led us to the United States, even before I possessed work authorization or a definite plan. My decision was unconventional, almost illogical, yet rooted in a steadfast belief in the "Power of Manifestation." Throughout those years, unbeknownst to me, the universe had been orchestrating a series of events that aligned with my forgotten dream of globalizing Ayurveda.


      Fate guided me to Minnesota, a state governed by the "Health Freedom Law," enabling me to practice Ayurveda with my Indian credentials. The pieces of the puzzle began to fit together. Slowly, the realization dawned upon me that the universe had been weaving its magic, creating an intricate tapestry that led me closer to my vision. With this newfound clarity, I embarked on the journey towards my overarching goal.


       Today, as I reflect on my journey, I'm filled with gratitude for the twists and turns that brought me here. No longer a solitary pursuit, my dream has transformed into a shared mission. Bhushan, inspired by my unwavering passion for Ayurveda, has joined me in this endeavor. He transitioned from a 15-year career in retail pharmacy to become an integral part of our holistic healing business. Together, we aspire to infuse people's lives with the wisdom of Ayurveda, guiding them back to equilibrium.


      What was once solely "my" dream has now become "our" dream. A dream that envisions the global proliferation of this remarkable science, touching lives across continents. With a successful practice as our foundation, we take each step with careful determination, driven by the shared purpose of spreading holistic well-being. As we move forward, we hold the intention of creating a world where Ayurveda's principles harmonize with modern life, fostering a realm of complete and balanced healing.


Two hearts, one mission: to provide top-notch services with a personal touch.

Say hello to the husband and wife team.

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