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Crafted by an Ayurvedic Practitioner & a Pharmacist just for you!     

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About us

I've been a dedicated Ayurveda practitioner in the US since 2013, and throughout my ten years of practice, I noticed a significant need for a health drink that could effectively sustain energy levels and vitality. Many of my patients were struggling with fatigue or relying on caffeine to stay alert throughout the day. Despite the availability of herbal coffee alternatives in the market, I couldn't find a truly authentic Ayurvedic energy and vitality drink that people could consume daily without adverse effects while still feeling energetic and revitalized.

My inspiration for a solution came from childhood memories of my grandfather's daily health drink. This traditional beverage had kept him away from the need for coffee, tea, or pharmaceuticals. I mentioned this drink to my husband, who was struggling to keep his energy steady working in the corporate world as a pharmacy leader. Intrigued by the drink, he said, "I will help you formulate this, and let's give the world something great to drink." Determined to recreate this experience, we embarked on the journey to develop a similar drink, which we named "Ojas."


Why the name Ojas?

The choice of the name, "Ojas," carries profound significance in Ayurveda, as it directly translates to "Vitality." In Ayurvedic philosophy, Ojas represents the pure, vital substance formed within the body at the culmination of the transformation of all healthy tissues. Our intent was to mirror this natural transformation process in the creation of this drink mix. Just as the body forms its seven tissues, Ojas was developed after years of dedicated work in the field of Ayurveda. This name encapsulates the essence of the product, reflecting our commitment to helping individuals sustain their energy levels naturally and maintain their vitality.

Meet our team

The Gadam Family! 

Bunch of hard working, fun loving, filled with gratitude people!  

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Our Story

Our son, Arjun, played a significant role in this journey as well. He had a strong preference for sugary drinks like chocolate milk and milkshakes. As a dedicated practitioners of Ayurveda, we were concerned about the sugar content and potential sugar highs that often came with these beverages. Motivated by our desire to provide a healthier alternative for Arjun, we decided to extend our efforts beyond helping adults in our community. Our determination to formulate a drink that could satisfy Arjun's taste buds while aligning with our family's health values played a pivotal role in the development of "Ojas." We recognized that if we could create a drink that met the discerning palate of a child, it could have a positive impact on families looking for healthier beverage options.

This additional layer to our journey highlights our commitment to promoting a balanced and holistic approach to health within our own family, reinforcing the importance of finding solutions that cater to different age groups and preferences. "Ojas" thus not only represents a solution for adults seeking vitality and energy but also a healthier choice for families and children like Arjun, addressing the concern of sugar consumption and its effects on health.


Get ready to experience Awesome!


Manufactured by 

Aveda Ayur LLP

Plot no. 708, Section B2, JLPL,

Industrial Area, 

Mohali, Punjab


License Number - 34/AY-PB

Imported & distributed by 

Vanashree Ayurveda LLC

5800 Baker road, Suite 150

Minnetonka, MN 55345



Our products are Manufactured in a USDA approved facility in India


5800 Baker road, Suite 150, Minnetonka, MN 55345 , (612) 399 6688

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